Focus on Sustainability & Performance

Our products are made in world class manufacturing (WCM) factories with a focus on sustainability and performance.

We have the flexibility and innovative mindset of a start-up with the distinct advantage of also having the necessary production capacities to meet the demands of leading vehicle manufacturers as well as of other industries.

Our state-of-the-art factories in Ganzhou and Zhenjiang, China, have a current total capacity of 21 GWh/a. A third production facility with a targeted capacity of 24 GWh/a is currently under construction in Wuhu, China. In Europe, a production facility is under construction as a joint venture with Togg in Gemlik, Turkey, under the name Siro. Siro will develop the energy storage solutions for Farasis Energy Europe in the future.

Thanks to a well-established and reliable global supply chain, we can ensure just-in-time as well as just-in-sequence deliveries.

  • Cells

    The wide range of lithium-ion battery cells manufactured by Farasis builds the basis of our powerful solution portfolio.
  • Modules

    The cells are assembled into battery modules to serve a great number of purposes, facilitating the deployment of Farasis products and enabling optimal performance.
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