Thinking Batteries Further

Farasis Energy’s solution portfolio offers a wide range of tailor-made and off-the-shelf products as well as numerous services to make your batteries even better. Our products are made in world class manufacturing (WCM) factories with a focus on sustainability and performance. We also take care of end of life management and therefore provide a closed-loop value chain, so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Our ‘no thermal propagation technology’ adds to increased safety: should one cell sustain damage, this will be contained to this cell only and other cells will be unaffected. This adds significantly to safety.

Please note, that our website only shows the main industries we are currently serving, however, our portfolio is not limited to these industries. If you need to electrify other applications, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:

Passenger vehicles

As a manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles, you are at the forefront of innovation, facing many challenges. The global market is highly dynamic and competitive, your customers want performance, convenience, and sustainability all in one product.

Commercial vehicles

Electric buses and electric trucks will be a key component in reducing environmental pollution and meeting global climate goals. The requirements for these batteries are particularly demanding for a number of reasons.

Industrial machines

Batteries for electric industrial machinery need to provide a balanced ratio of power and energy whilst ensuring long life cycles.

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