The electrification of mining vehicles can mitigate pollution while maintaining efficiency, making this a key future development trend. 

The development and utilization of mining resources depends heavily on the technological progress of the mining industry. Heavy duty machinery emits considerable amounts of environmental pollutants, and electric mining batteries must meet harsh environmental criteria such as high temperatures with few facilities for cooling. In addition, the batteries need to withstand premature aging in harsh climates while offering the highest standards of safety.


Our self-developed BMS system can effectively monitor the operating status of the battery to ensure safe and stable operation under complex working conditions.

High efficiency

Farasis Energy’s high-power battery products can effectively reduce weight without reducing mining truck transportation capacity. These batteries can meet the requirements of large tonnage to adapt to different complex working conditions and improve work efficiency.


Our battery products have a long service life – the maintenance cost during the entire life cycle can be reduced up to 25%.

Low-temperature resistance

Mining vehicles equipped with our battery products can continue to operate under extremely harsh conditions, with reduced power loss in high altitude areas, and will not fail to start under cold weather conditions.

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