Aviation is among the most criticized modes of transportation in the debate on environmental issues. Our lithium-ion battery powertrains allow for near-silent operation, and add further impetus to the shift toward sustainable air travel and transportation.

As a pioneer in this industry, we offer our customers the highest level of safety, not only by adhering to the strictest safety regulations, but also by supporting the development team with our expertise. Working hand in hand with you, we can act and react at any time to adjust to your requirements.

Our lightweight high-performance batteries offer long ranges, and have a proven track record in electric aviation. Our ‘no thermal propagation technology’ adds to increased safety: should one cell sustain damage, this will be contained to this cell only and other cells will be unaffected.


We adopt the safe³ Li-ion battery system solution to meet the requirements of safe and reliable flight of electric airplanes under complex operating conditions.

High energy density

Our battery products adopt a lightweight power group system with high energy density to ensure worry-free cruising range.

Strong adaptability

Farasis Energy’s battery products meet the environmental requirements of high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, and other special application scenarios.

Please note, that our website only shows the main industries we are currently serving, however, our portfolio is not limited to these industries. If you need to electrify other applications, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: info@farasis.com.