Industrial machinery

Batteries for electric industrial machinery need to provide a balanced ratio of power and energy whilst ensuring long life cycles. We offer lithium-ion batteries with high energy density that improve operating efficiency and reduce overhead costs as well as noise, making your machines cleaner and quieter.

Please note, that our website only shows the main industries we are currently serving, however, our portfolio is not limited to these industries. If you need to electrify other applications, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:


Energy shortages and environmental awareness are driving traditional industries to rapidly transition to the use of clean energy. Electrification of one of the most important industrial vehicles, the forklift, has already begun.


The electrification of mining vehicles can mitigate pollution while maintaining efficiency, making this a key future development trend.


Battery solutions for excavators must meet high temperature resistance, high power, safety and stability under extreme working conditions. At the same time, non road mechanical machinery needs to meet increasing environmental criteria.


Urbanization and thus increasing construction activity leads to an increasing number of cranes, which contribute to a negative climate footprint with their emission output.


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