Electric forklifts require battery modules that make optimum use of the available space in order to deliver the required performance.

Long ranges and fast charging – ideally during the lunch break – are just as important as the ability to deliver high performance in short intervals. This is required, for example, when lifting heavy loads and recovering energy during fork shutdown. Our battery modules for forklifts also offer customers the option of individual further development. Among other things, electrical connections and safety elements, cell monitoring and BMS can be integrated.

Our solution not only supports the performance of forklifts indoors, but is also perfect for outdoor use, as it is potted and therefore very robust. Regardless of environmental conditions such as rain, heat or uneven surfaces, the module maintains constant performance. Learn more.

Please note, that our website only shows the main industries we are currently serving, however, our portfolio is not limited to these industries. If you need to electrify other applications, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:


The self-developed i-BMS system can effectively monitor the battery’s state of health and control the temperature difference of the battery cell through efficient thermal management, so as to improve the safety of the product.


The effective life of our batteries is more than five times that of existing lead-acid batteries. The longer lifespan increases operational and economic efficiency.


Our battery can adapt to working environments between -30℃ and 60℃, without daily maintenance, re-hydration and ventilation.

Strong power

Our high-power products allow for forklifts to operate with increased power, speed, and stability, which results in productivity gains and an increase in customers’ rate of ROI.