23 April 2024 Back to overview

The Battery Show 2024: New model of a cutting-edge modular battery pack

Meet us at the largest advanced battery and H/EV technology event in Europe, taking place from June 18th to 20th in Stuttgart. In hall 8/A86, we will exhibit high-performance battery technology for the automotive and non-automotive sectors: cells, modules and a new model of a cutting-edge modular battery pack!

Here’s why our pack stands out:

  1. Adaptable Design for Every Need: Our modular pack is engineered to fit seamlessly into various automotive and commercial design requirements. Whether it’s the inner frame packaging for commercial vehicles or the underfloor setup tailored for off-road applications, we’ve got you covered! Versatility is the key to driving the future, and our pack is ready for various applications.
  2. Excellent Performance and Mechanical Behavior: Experience outstanding performance and robust mechanical behavior. Its reinforced housing and mechanical design make it the best fit for high demanding off-road applications.
  3. High Energy Density for Extended Range: Embrace the freedom of extended journeys! Our modular pack features the latest Generation 4 chemistry with as much as 330 Wh/kg on cell level (P84) including no thermal propagation. This enables customers to cover up to 1,000 km on a single charge.
  4. Extended Life Cycle with High-Performance NMC Cells: Power up with confidence! Thanks to cutting-edge NMC cells – you can choose between P73 or P84 cells – our modular pack boasts a life cycle more than 1,500 full cycles (100 % DOD). This longevity ensures that you not only experience top-tier performance but also enjoy the benefits of sustainability and longevity. You need more cycle life? No problem! We can modify the module to adapt for up to 4,000 equivalent full cycles or more.
  5. Voltage Options for Customization: Tailor our pack to your voltage options. Operating at 544-832 Vdc, it provides a versatile solution for various applications. Need to modify to 400 Vdc? No problem! Our modular pack is designed to adapt to your specific requirements.
  6. No Thermal Propagation: We have developed a module design concept to prevent thermal propagation using our newest generation of cells (Generation 4/P84 cells). The performance of these modules has been tested and confirmed by independent laboratories on module and pack level. Battery safety is thus significantly increased – an important advantage for OEMs in view of increasingly stringent safety standards for e-cars, from which all other applications also benefit.

Looking forward to meeting you.