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Innovations for electromobility: Farasis Energy presents pioneering battery technology at AABC Europe 2024

The international company will be presenting its high-performance battery technology and pouch cells for the automotive and non-automotive sectors at the specialist conference in Strasbourg. In addition to the P73 cell, the focus on site will be on the 590 VDA module and other modules as cutaway models. Aslan Göger, Director Business Development, will also be giving a presentation on trends and developments in battery technology.

Nuertingen, April 29th, 2024 – From May 13th-16th, AABC Europe will bring together international battery experts, OEMs and their key suppliers to discuss development trends, innovative technologies and market forecasts for the coming years. The electromobility market has been developing rapidly, but there are still numerous challenges to overcome and new solutions to be found for broad public acceptance. The current decline in sales of electric vehicles, caused in part by the loss of government subsidies (for example in Germany), demonstrates the price sensitivity of the market. The aim is not only to produce more efficiently, but also to find alternative raw materials that can offer new solutions for certain applications due to their greater availability and sustainability.

Farasis Energy has been innovating in the battery industry for more than twenty years, working on solutions such as the use of cell-to-pack design. Therefore, the company was actively involved in the PEAk-Bat project, a cooperation between several companies that is financed by the federal government. In the cell-to-pack design, the basic three-part structure is replaced by a two-part structure. Cells are integrated directly into the pack housing instead of modules, which in turn are integrated into packs. This approach increases the gravimetric and volumetric energy density of batteries and increases efficiency by up to 20 percent. The number of components required is thus significantly reduced and contributes to a reduction in costs.
At AABC, the company will be presenting a selection of its comprehensive portfolio of solutions – from battery cells to modules and packs – with customization available.

The high-performance lithium-ion battery technology is characterized by long range and fast-charging capability: With an energy density of 330 Wh/kg, a range of approximately 1,000 kilometers can be achieved. Customers who value fast charging will benefit from a battery with an adapted cell design. This allows the battery to be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 15 minutes in fast-charging mode.

An outlook into the future of battery technology
Aslan Göger, Director Business Development, will share his expertise in a presentation entitled “Trends and Developments in Battery Performance” at 3:10 p.m. on May 16th, which is part of the xEV Battery Technology track. In the subsequent panel discussion, the topics relating to battery developments for passenger cars will be explored in greater depth.
“Farasis Energy combines over two decades of expertise with a pioneering spirit. With our comprehensive product portfolio from market-leading battery cells to modules and packs, complemented by our Engineering Services, we offer solutions for the requirements of different industries and the electrification of their vehicles”, says Göger.

About Farasis Energy

Farasis Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance battery technology and pouch cells for electric mobility and other sustainable power storage solutions. Founded in 2002 by Dr. Keith Kepler and Dr. Yu Wang in California, the company now operates research and development centers in China, Germany, and the United States. There are currently two production facilities in Ganzhou and Zhenjiang (China), with further production facilities being built by 2025, thereby increasing total planned capacity to 145 GWh/a. A new battery plant is also being built in Gemlik (Turkey) with the establishment of the Siro joint venture between Turkish electric car manufacturer Togg and Farasis Energy, which produces modules and packs since March 2023. With more than twenty years of experience in research and development and with nearly 300 patents, Farasis Energy is shaping the future of electric mobility as a pioneer. In addition to Togg, its major strategic partners also include companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Geely.

For further information please visit www.farasis-energy.com.

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