Electric passenger vehicles

As a manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles, you are at the forefront of innovation, facing many challenges. The global market is highly dynamic and competitive, your customers want performance, convenience, and sustainability all in one product. Also, there are increasingly complex regulations that require compliance, supply chain transparency and sustainable production — to name but a few.

We want to shape the future of transportation and help you overcome those challenges successfully. To this end, we develop lithium-ion batteries that meet the highest standards of performance, safety and sustainability, and offer adjacent services along the entire value chain that save you time and effort.

Our lithium-ion batteries combine long range and fast charging thanks to their high energy density and outstanding performance.

  • Electric Cars

    Electric car batteries by Farasis Energy offer high energy density and high performance to ensure long range and fast charging. Together with a long lifecycle, our batteries are state-of-the-art technology and put Farasis Energy among the top 3 suppliers when it comes to the global consumption of lithium-ion pouch batteries.
  • Electric Motorcycles

    Electric motorcycle battery technology has advanced to a point where it can easily provide more than 400 km of range and a performance against which petrol-powered two-wheelers pale in comparison.
  • Electric Aviation

    Aviation is among the most criticized modes of transportation in the debate on environmental issues. Our lithium-ion battery powertrains allow for near-silent operation, and add further impetus to the shift toward sustainable air travel and transportation.
  • Electric Powersports

    Fun sport at its best requires fast charging electric lithium-ion battery cell technology offering maximum safety, no matter where the energy storage medium is located in the vehicle.
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