Why Farasis?

As a leading global producer of lithium-ion batteries, we have one goal: to shape the future of battery-based energy supply as a top tier technology partner for the electric vehicle, industrial machine fabrication, and energy storage sectors.  

We offer sustainable energy storage solutions that are researched, developed, manufactured, and trusted world-wide. As a driver in the field of battery technology, we think lithium-ion batteries further. We combine long range and fast charging with sustainable production, offer tailor-made cells and modules, responsible end of life management, and adjacent services along the entire value chain.

In short: we do everything to provide you with the best possible solution. Among our main strategic partners are major companies such as Daimler, Geely, and Togg.

Why Orange?

You wonder why you keep seeing the word ‘orange’ again and again? Here’s the (shortened) story behind ‘Battery Goes Orange’:

Yellow is the color of energy, which is the key to battery performance, and red is the color of passion, which is the key to our diligent and dedicated work on battery solutions. Orange is the vibrant, joyful combination of both. In terms of sustainability, we are green. But to us, sustainability is a prerequisite in contemporary battery production. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability has led us to the slogan „Battery goes orange“. Orange is the new green!

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